Back to Teaching Medicine Series - 7 Book Boxed Set
Teaching Medicine Series - 7 Book Boxed Set

Teaching Medicine Series - 7 Book Boxed Set

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Back to Teaching Medicine Series - 7 Book Boxed Set

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Jack Ende, MD, MACP, Series Editor

Available as a complete set or for individual purchase, this seven-book series features:

A first of its kind, the seven-book Teaching Medicine Series summarizes the important literature of medical education and shares the collective experience and wisdom of expert medical educators who are actively engaged in teaching medicine.

Written for medical teachers in the office, classroom, and hospital and for program leaders across the range of academic medicine, this series covers the full spectrum of responsibilities encompassed in medical education.

Covering the most important topics in teaching and medical education, this series:

  • Elucidates key theories of learning and methods of teaching
  • Describes how teachers can empower learners, coach them, and serve as their mentors
  • Offers useful advice for developing curricula and organizing and evaluating programs
  • Examines the key elements of professionalism, mentorship, and education leadership
  • Shares insights and memorable teaching moments from dozens of colleagues in the field of internal medicine
  • Profiles the career paths of eminent leaders in internal medicine education
  • Methods and techniques for assessing reasoning skill and useful remedies for common cognitive errors.
Informative, practical, and engaging, the Teaching Medicine Series is an excellent resource for all medical faculty interested in improving their teaching, learning more about educational tools and resources, and advancing their careers in medical education.
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