Back to Teaching in Your Office, 2nd Edition
Teaching in Your Office, 2nd Edition

Teaching in Your Office, 2nd Edition

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Back to Teaching in Your Office, 2nd Edition

Patrick C. Alguire, MD, FACP; Dawn E. DeWitt, MD, MSc, FACP; Linda E. Pinsky, MD, FACP; and Gary S. Ferenchick, MD, FACP

Office-based teaching occurs in a fast-paced, complicated environment where the teacher and student are concerned with both educational outcomes and patient care.

This revised and updated edition continues to provide a reliable resource for physicians interested in improving their office-based teaching techniques while maintaining the efficiency of their practices.

Preceptors will learn to:

  • Evaluate their current approaches to teaching
  • Incorporate new, proven techniques
  • Minimize the effect of office-based teaching on productivity and length of day
  • Optimize patient encounter time
  • Give meaningful feedback and write preceptor evaluations

Concise and practical, this second edition is further enhanced with an online collection of educational tools and resources and an electronic teaching-encounter form for mobile devices.

A part of ACP's Teaching Medicine Series, this title is available individually or as a part of the complete seven-book set.

  • 178 pp., 2008, softcover
  • Product #330391060
  • ISBN #9781934465028

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