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Mentoring in Academic Medicine

Mentoring in Academic Medicine

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Holly J. Humphrey, MD, MACP

Mentoring students, residents, and faculty and supporting their professional development are topics of great concern among leaders in medical education.

Offering knowledge and insight from a range of experienced physician-educators and others involved in medical education, Mentoring in Academic Medicine provides a unique perspective on medical professionalism in the coming decades as well as a comprehensive approach to developing programs for mentorship and guidance.

Illustrated with realistic cases and examples, this book provides:

  • Insight into effective mentoring relationships and fostering professionalism
  • Guidelines for developing mentoring programs for students, residents, and clinical and research faculty
  • A consideration of the issues that arise related to mentoring special groups
  • Multiple perspectives on role modeling and guiding others to be successful in their careers

A part of ACP's Teaching Medicine Series, this title is available individually or as a part of the complete seven-book set.

  • 265 pp., April 2010, softcover
  • Product #330391040
  • ISBN #9781934465455

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