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Leadership Careers in Medical Education

Leadership Careers in Medical Education

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Louis Pangaro, MD, FACP

Offering knowledge and insight from medical leaders and prominent educators, Leadership Careers in Medical Education serves as a guide for current faculty and future leaders on how to launch, sustain, and further develop one's career in medical education.

Examining the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with leadership in medical education, this book provides:

  • Historical and contemporary perspectives on the organizational structure of internal medicine education in academic health centers
  • Principles of medical education leadership
  • The roles and responsibilities associated with careers in medical education
  • Advice on leveraging existing resources and articulating the need for more
  • Methods for designing a curriculum, evaluating learners and programs, and getting started in education research
  • Practical suggestions for managing and advancing one's career

A special section, "Profiles of Leaders in Medical Education," features interviews with 15 highly esteemed leaders in internal medicine education about their chosen careers and how they achieved their goals.

A part of ACP's Teaching Medicine Series, this title is available individually or as a part of the complete seven-book set.

  • 289 pp., April 2010, softcover
  • Product #330391080
  • ISBN #9781934465462

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