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Methods for Teaching Medicine

Methods for Teaching Medicine

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Kelley M. Skeff, MD, PhD, MACP and Georgette A. Stratos, PhD

Teaching medicine is highly gratifying yet enormously complex. Medical teachers must be concerned with teaching a large amount of ever-changing content in a variety of settings, while ensuring that the needs of the patient and learner are being met.

Methods for Teaching Medicine explores not only the traditional methods of teaching medicine but also those that are more cutting edge and identifies the criteria teachers can use to decide which method to use.

Exploring the most important instructional methods of modern medical education, this book includes:

  • A systematic framework for understanding medical teaching developed by world-class medical educators
  • Innovative ideas for matching goals of teaching with specific formats of instruction
  • Advantages and limitations of a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, small-group discussions, and workshops
  • Tips for preparing and presenting effective lectures, creative ideas for organizing workshops, and insightful guidelines for leading small-group discussions
  • New approaches to continuing professional development

A part of ACP's Teaching Medicine Series, this title is available individually or as a part of the complete seven-book set.

  • 141 pp., April 2010, softcover
  • Product #330391070
  • ISBN #9781934465424

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