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On Being a Doctor, Volume 4

On Being a Doctor, Volume 4

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Edited by: Christine Laine, MD, MPH, FACP and Michael LaCombe, MD, MACP

"There's so much richness here. These writings go way beyond the stereotypical image of medicine as we've known it. They pull no punches on the realities of being a health care provider, not to mention being sick, in so many contexts - old and new. Taken together, they paint the profession convincingly not only as humane (which we know) but also as human (which we tend to forget). A fitting title for the collection could be: "On Being a Person - While Also Being a Doctor".
--Frank F. Davidoff, MD, MACP,
Editor Emeritus, Annals of Internal Medicine

The 4th volume of On Being a Doctor contains the finest selections of prose and poetry from Annals of Internal Medicine from 2007 to 2013.

The selections bring to light the humanity of medicine in all its joys, pain and irony. We guarantee that you will be inspired, haunted and deeply moved as you read its finely-written content.

On Being a Doctor, Volume 4 is the perfect gift for the student to seasoned professional.

  • 2013, 372 pages, softcover
  • Product #330341000
  • ISBN #9781938921070

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