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On Being a Doctor, Volume 3 (Softcover)

On Being a Doctor, Volume 3 (Softcover)

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Back to On Being a Doctor, Volume 3 (Softcover)

Edited by Christine Laine, MD, MPH, FACP and Michael LaCombe, MD, MACP

Once again, On Being a Doctor illuminates the art and science of medicine with an all-new collection of stories, essays, and poems!

If you are a physician who has felt the joy of patient care, the frustrations of bureaucracy, the satisfaction of a good catch, the anguish of a mistake, or the long sorrow of losing a patient, you will find sympathy and companionship in these pages.

If you are patient who has been frightened by an illness or strengthened by enduring it, treated compassionately by one medical professional or coldly by another, cured by the miracle of science or made sadly aware of its limitations, you will meet others here who share your experiences and feelings.

Personal narratives, poems, and other creative writing by doctors and patients has found a distinguished home in the Annals of Internal Medicine, one of the world's leading medical journals, for many years.

Offering a new selection of the best of this writing from recent issues of this journal, On Being a Doctor 3 makes an excellent companion to On Being a Doctor and On Being a Doctor 2, also available from ACP. Read them all for pleasure, for comfort, for wisdom, and for understanding!

Praise for On Being a Doctor:

"This is a remarkable book of personal stories, essays, poetry, and self-reflections¿ It is one of a kind and should be savored."
-- Doody's Review of On Being a Doctor 3

"A wonderfully rich collection of essays, stories, and poems . . . Michael Lacombe should be congratulated for his excellent editing. This book is required reading for all physicians from first year medical students to retired professors."
--JAMA, review of On Being a Doctor 2

"The stories of doctors reflect the frustrations, sorrows, and joys experienced in practice and teaching; the problems of balancing family and career; and the valuable insights and energies to be found in relationships with patients."
--Mayo Clinic Proceedings, review of On Being a Doctor 2

"Outstanding . . . Contains amazing insights into the humanistic side of medicine . . . Can be read cover to cover in one sitting or savored slowly, a few pages at a time . . . Powerful . . . An excellent look at the fears, hopes, failures, and joys of the medical life . . . Heartily recommend it to every physician."
--The Journal of Family Practice, review of On Being a Doctor

  • 2007, 366 pages, softcover
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  • ISBN #9781930513884

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