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On Being A Doctor, Volume 2

On Being A Doctor, Volume 2

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Edited by Michael A. LaCombe, MD, FACP

The sorrows, the frustrations, the difficulties, and the magic of medicine are all captured on the pages of On Being a Doctor 2: Voices of Physicians and Patients. This softcover book is a compilation of some of the best essays, stories, and poems to appear in the "On Being a Doctor," "On Being a Patient," and "Ad Libitum" sections of Annals of Internal Medicine. With its well-crafted poetry and lucid prose, this generous collection contains something for all those involved in the science and art of healing.

"A wonderfully rich collection . . . required reading for all physicians, from first-year medical students to retired professors. -- Journal of the American Medical Association, review of On Being a Doctor 2

  • 363 pages, 2000, softcover
  • Product #330301290
  • ISBN #9780943126821

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