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Bedside Ultrasonography in Clinical Medicine

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Bedside Ultrasonography cover

Editors: Alexander B. Levitov, Apostolos P. Dallas, and Anthony D. Slonim

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Co-published with McGraw Hill, here is the first complete guide to the use of ultrasound in clinical medicine!

Bedside Ultrasonography in Clinical Medicine offers the first all-inclusive, yet concise review of the optimal use and interpretation of ultrasonographic images in everyday practice. With this how-to guide, you'll learn how to systematically apply diagnostic ultrasound as part of an augmented physical examination in an array of therapeutic areas, from obstetrics and cardiology to emergency medicine.

The book begins with a high-yield overview of the basic principles and physics of ultrasound, while subsequent chapters cover its use in evaluating the organs of the head and neck; the chest, abdomen, and pelvis; and the limbs and musculoskeletal system. A final section considers the integration of portable ultrasound into the medical school curriculum-as well as graduate medical education-and charts the dynamic future of beside ultrasound as a diagnostic and screening tool.


  • A pioneering, top-to-bottom examination of all the major technical concepts that physicians must know to use ultrasound in everyday clinical practice
  • Valuable coverage of clinical algorithms and how to incorporate them into the clinical decision-making process, the formulation of differential diagnosis, and therapeutic recommendations
  • Special section on ultrasound guidance in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cardiac life support, common procedures, and the pediatric patient
  • DVD-ROM filled with images, algorithms, animations, and how-to-videos that illustrate the ultrasonographic appearance of normal and abnormal anatomic structures and function
  • A color insert that depicts the use of color in ultrasound images
  • An A-to-Z glossary of technical and clinical terms in ultrasonography
  • An Appendix of Clinical Ultrasound Algorithms that teaches how to incorporate diagnostic ultrasound into the clinical decision-making process
    • 2010, 332 pages, softcover
    • ISBN: 978-0-07-166331-1
    • Product #330303000

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    Table of Contents

    SECTION I: Basic Principles of Ultrasound Use
    1. Bedside Diagnostic Ultrasound: Potentials and Pitfalls, Joseph S. Farmer and Anthony D. Slonim
    2. Ultrasound Physics, Alexander B. Levitov and Christopher R. Fuller
    3. Ultrasound Basics, Alexander B. Levitov

    SECTION II: Ultrasound Use for Evaluation of Organs of the Head and Neck
    4. Ultrasound of the Head and Neck, Christian H. Butcher
    5. Ocular Ultrasound, Nicholas A. Perchiniak and David P. Bahner

    SECTION III: Ultrasound Use for Evaluation of Organs of the Chest
    6. Breast Ultrasound, Roxanne Davenport
    7. Upper Airway and Lung Ultrasound, Sameh Aziz
    8. Cardiac Ultrasound, RodneyW. Savage and Marguerite Underwood
    9. Stress Echocardiography, MichaelWild, Marguerite Underwood, Sharan Ramaswamy, and Krish Ramachandran

    SECTION IV: Ultrasound Use for Evaluation of Organs of the Abdomen and Pelvis
    10. Abdominal Ultrasound, Jonathan M. Dort, Gary C. Claggett, William R. Fry, and Alexander B. Levitov
    11. Pelvic Ultrasound, Creagh T. Boulger and David P. Bahner
    12. Ultrasound in Pregnancy for the Nonobstetrician, Patrice M. Weiss, Amanda B. Murch

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