Keeping Heart Healthy - English Booklets

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This guide helps to increase understanding and successful management of acute coronary syndrome. It provides patients and families with information on lifestyle modifications, medications and supplements, and recovery issues after hospitalization.

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Afib - What You and Your Family Need to Know

The Practice Guide for the Post Acute Coronary Syndrome Hospitalization Office Visit: Preparing for and Making the Most of the Initial Follow Up Visit is intended to help clinicians engage patients and focuses on meeting their needs to achieve best health outcomes.

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Health Tips: AFIB - English (pads of 50)

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Health Tips: After Your Heart Attack - English (pads of 50)
Health Tips: Flu - English (pads of 50)
Health Tips: PAD - English (pads of 50)
2 Video Health Tips on Medications After a Heart Attack DVD
Patient Education Letter (Re Bundles)


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