Oslers Bedside Library - Hardcover

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Osler's Bedside Library

Editors: Michael A. LaCombe, MD, and David J. Elpern, MD

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Regarded by many as the ideal medical practitioner, Sir William Osler advised physicians to "let no day pass without contact with the best literature of the world." "Before going to sleep," he counseled, "read for half an hour" from a "bedside library," beginning with "a list of ten books which you may make close friends." A companion and guide for contemporary readers, Osler's Bedside Library features excerpts from the literary masterpieces Osler himself recommended to his students and colleagues plus 20 other great works chosen by today's physicians. Each excerpt is accompanied by commentary from a leading scholar in medical humanities, who discusses why the work remains relevant to the physician's education and the practice of medicine.

A unique volume, Osler's Bedside Library underscores that now, as in Osler's own time, selections from the humanities deserve a place on the physician's list of "required reading."

Featured Classics:
Plutarch's Lives ~ Religio Medici ~ Shakespeare's Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, and various Sonnets ~ Montaigne ~ Marcus Aurelius ~ Epictetus ~ Don Quixote ~ Emerson ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~ Old and New Testaments ~ Robert Burns ~ John Keats ~ George Eliot ~ Charles Dickens ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ~ Sarah Orne Jewett ~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~ Boccaccio ~ Rabelais ~ Robert Burton ~ Ben Franklin ~ Erasmus ~ Maimonides ~ Pascal ~ Voltaire ~ Ibsen ~ Molière ~ George Bernard Shaw ~ Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year ~ Avicenna

  • October 2009, 362 pages, hardcover
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1-934465-49-3

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction vii
  • Acknowledgments xi
Osler's Ten
  • Plutarch's Lives Louise Aronson 3
  • Religio Medici Jack Coulehan 11
  • Shakespeare 27
  • Othello Arnold Weinstein 29
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream Pamela Brett-MacLean 35
  • Hamlet Lyuba Konopasek 41
  • Sonnets Maureen Rappaport 47
  • Montaigne Lynn C. Epstein 53
  • Marcus Aurelius Albert Howard Carter, III 63
  • Epictetus Marin Gillis 75
  • Don Quixote Ronald D. Stewart 85
  • Emerson Jerry and Seth Vannatta 97
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Brian Hurwitz 109
  • Old and New Testaments Rita Charon 119
  • Robert Burns Paul S. Mueller 137
  • John Keats David J. Elpern 145
Masters of the Story
  • George Eliot Claire Hooker 153
  • Charles Dickens Audrey Shafer 169
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Thomas P. Duffy 179
  • Sarah Orne Jewett Liva H. Jacoby 195
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Martha Stoddard Holmes 203
  • Boccaccio Allan Peterkin 213
  • Rabelais Toby Gelfand 223
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