Only 10 Seconds to Care: Help and Hope for Busy Clinicians

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OTSTC Author: Wendy S. Harpham, MD., FACP

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"In her new book, "Only 10 Seconds to Care: Help and Hope for Busy Clinicians" (ACP Press), Dr. Wendy Schlessel Harpham combines her experience as an internist and her nearly 18 years of experience as a cancer patient to show how simple actions and well-chosen words on the part of medical professionals can make an enormous difference in a patient's emotional and physical well-being." - Jane E. Brody, New York Times

"Wendy understands the psyche of physicians and the enormous time pressures today's physicians feel. The stories in the book illustrate words and actions that take only seconds but can make a world of difference to patients. It also helps us (survivors) to understand how clinicians function and why, sometimes, they act like they do." -
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Compassion is the key to good medical care. But today's practitioners are so busy they often feel they don't have to time to give patients the best clinical care and the compassionate attention they deserve.

This book delivers the help health care professionals need. Through engaging and inspiring stories, Dr. Harpham -- internist and survivor of chronic cancer -- helps readers think and talk about everyday problems in patient care. She encourages readers to engage the healing power of compassionate words and actions that take only seconds to say or do but can make a world of difference for patients.

Only Ten Seconds to Care will help clinicians at all levels bring compassion and joy back to patient care!

"Wendy Harpham has written another engaging and informative book-this time aimed at health professionals. She provides insights into the clinician-patient relationship that are funny, accurate, and sometimes painful! A must-read for physicians-in-training, as well as for seasoned clinicians." - PATRICIA A. GANZ, MD, PROFESSOR, UCLA SCHOOLS OF MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH, DIVISION OF CANCER PREVENTION & CONTROL RESEARCH

" [This book] should be required reading at every medical and nursing school in the country. Dr. Harpham has the compass and map for those of us in the bewildering forest of health professional-patient relationships." - DAN SHAPIRO, PHD, AUTHOR OF MOM'S MARIJUANA AND DELIVERING DOCTOR AMELIA, CONSULTANT ON GREY'S ANATOMY, PROFESSOR AND CHAIR OF THE HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT, PENN STATE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE

"Dr. Wendy Harpham takes doctors and patients by the hand and teaches us how to build a potentially life-saving bridge between the human being in the white coat and the human being in the paper smock." - JONI RODGERS, AUTHOR, BALD IN THE LAND OF BIG HAIR

"We support Dr. Harpham's efforts to advocate for cancer survivors so they can live life on their own terms.

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