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Telephone Medicine

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Edited by Anna B. Reisman, MD
and David L. Stevens, MD

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Telephone MedicineThe telephone is now a significant component of medical care: 25% of encounters between primary care physicians and patients involve its use. Successful telephone medicine improves the rapport between doctor and patient, increases access to care, enhances patient satisfaction, and lowers patient and physician costs.

Telephone medicine is no longer just renewing prescriptions. A telephone call can clarify issues raised during the office visit, help patients with decisions about their health care at home, prevent unnecessary emergency department visits, and communicate test results quickly and personally.

Telephone Medicine: A Guide for the Practicing Physician provides clinicians with a solid understanding of what telephone medicine is and the many ways it can improve patient care. Primary care physicians, in particular, will benefit from the emphasis on evidence-based approaches to telephone management of common symptoms, such as chest and abdominal pain, sore throat, headache, and depression. Other topics include communication skills, medicolegal issues, difficult patient types, documentation, and office management.

  • 429 pages, 2002, softcover
  • Product #330301000
  • ISBN 10: 0-943126-87-8
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-943126-87-6

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Table of Contents

Practicing Telephone Medicine:
General Approach to the Telephone Interview

1. Overview of Telephone Medicine
Anna B. Reisman

2. The Telephone Interview
Peter Curtis

3. Medicolegal Issues in Telephone Medicine
Lisa R. Reisman

Practicing Telephone Medicine:
The Clinical Setting

4. Chest Pain
David L. Stevens

5. Abdominal Pain
Ayse A. Atasoylu

6. Diarrhea
Ira Daniel Breite and Sondra Zabar

7. Upper Respiratory Infections and Related Illnesses
Anna B. Reisman

8. Dysuria in Women
Sally G. Haskell

9. Vaginal Discharge
Sally G. Haskell

10. Sore Throat
Timothy S. Loo

11. Headache
Kei Mukohara, David L. Stevens, and Mark Schwartz

12. Skin Problems
Michael S. Cohen and David L. Stevens

13. Emergency Contraception and Other Post-Coital Considerations
Cary P. Gross

14. Domestic Violence
Jeanne McCauley

15. Depression and Suicidality
William H. Salazar

16. Asthma
David L. Stevens

17. Difficult Patients
Anna B. Reisman, Mack Lipkin, Jr., and Daniel H. Pomerantz

Incorporating Telephone Medicine
into the Workplace

18. Electronic Advances
Sary O. Beidas

19. Office Management Issues
Anna B. Reisman

20. Teaching Telephone Medicine
David L. Stevens


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