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Back Pain (Key Diseases Series)

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Edited by Andrew J. Haig, MD; Miles Colwell, MD

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BackPainFor all their exposure to the problem, primary care physicians often have little formal education on the management of back pain. Most medical students are not required to take a rotation in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Additionally, and for good reason, most patients are not convinced that their family physician is the person to see for back problems and seek out specialist care as soon as practicable.

Back pain is a complex tangle of social, psychological, physical, and medical factors that frustrates disease-orientated physicians and excites physical medicine and rehabilitation types. For this problem, "diagnosis-treat-cure" is supplanted by rehab strategies to minimize impairment, disability, and handicap. Physical medicine approaches to cure and rehabilitation approaches to quality of life are centerpieces of back pain management.

The newest volume in the ACP Key Diseases series, Back Pain presents 40 chapters of vital information divided into five sections: Back Pain Basics; Acute, Subacute, and Chronic Back Pain; and Special Issues, including pregnant and elderly patients, and athletes and younger patients. Clinicians will find this an invaluable resource for successful back pain therapy.

  • 537 pages, 2005, softcover
  • Product #330300820
  • ISBN 10: 1-930513-59-3
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-930513-49-5

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Back Pain: A New Way of Thinking
  • Section I: Back Pain Basics
  • 1. Back Pain Algorithms
  • 2. Epidemiology of Back Pain
  • 3. Anatomy of the Spine
  • 4. Pain Pathophysiology
  • 5. Diagnoses: A Glossary Approach
  • 6. Diagnostic Tests for Back Pain: A Glossary Approach
  • Section II: Acute Back Pain
  • 7. Acute Back Pain: A Management Paradigm
  • 8. Physical Examination for Acute Back Pain
  • 9. When Low Back Pain Represents Severe Disease
  • 10. Yellow Flags: Predicting Disability
  • 11. Acute Nonradiating Low Back Pain
  • 12. Acute Radiating Low Back Pain
  • 13. Medications for the Management of Acute and Subacute Back Pain pand Medications for Injection Techniques
  • 14. Acute Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain
  • Section III: Subacute Back Pain
  • 15. Subacute Back Pain
  • 16. Subacute Back Pain: Physical Examination
  • 17. Imaging of Back Pain
  • 18. Electromyography and Low Back Pain
  • 19. Rheumatologic Disorders of the Spine
  • 20. Physician Prescription and Monitoring of Physical Therapy
  • 21. Interventional Therapy in Disorders the Spine
  • 22. Surgical Treatment for Back Pain
  • 23. Subacute Rehabilitation: The Injured Worker
  • 24. Therapies for Subacute Back Pain: A Glossary Approach
  • a. Physical Therapy
  • b. Rehabilitation Therapies
  • c. Surg
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