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Asthma (Key Diseases Series)

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Edited by Raymond G. Slavin, MD, FACP, and Robert E. Reisman, MD, FACP

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Asthma is a major medical problem in the United States, one that is being diagnosed with increasing frequency. Almost 75% of patients with asthma are adults, and more than 2500 adults in the United States die each year from the disease.

The latest volume in the ACP Key Disease Series, Asthma is intended for primary care physicians, who provide the majority of care for adult asthma patients. Its 14 chapters provide essential information on the causes and classifications of asthma and its diagnosis and treatment. Asthma also features illustrative case studies that focus on patients in the office setting.

Topics include the pathogenesis, evaluation, and differential diagnosis of asthma, pharmacotherapy and immunotherapy, exercise- and drug-induced asthma, asthma in the pregnant patient and the elderly, occupational asthma, and the relation of gastroesophageal reflux disease to asthma.

Written by a team of allergists and members of internal medicine departments, Asthma provides the evidenced-based information physicians need for the diagnosis and management of their adult patients with this common and potentially deadly disease.

  • 237 pages, 2002, softcover
  • Product #330300110
  • ISBN 10: 1-930513-29-1
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-930513-29-7

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Table of Contents

Introduction Raymond G. Slavin and Robert E. Reisman

  1. Pathogenesis of Asthma Paula J. Busse and William W. Busse

  2. General Approach to the Evaluation and Management of an Adult with Asthma Robert E. Reisman and Raymond G. Slavin

  3. Differential Diagnosis of Asthma Tammy Heinly and Phillip L. Lieberman

  4. Management of Acute Asthma in the Office Setting Nina C. Ramirez and Richard F. Lockey

  5. Environmental Controls in the Management of Asthma Saba Samee and Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills

  6. Pharmacotherapy of Asthma James T. Li

  7. Immunotherapy in the Management of Asthma Harold S. Nelson

  8. Exercise-Induced Asthma Mark T. O'Hollaren

  9. Interrelationships Between the Upper and Lower Airways Raymond G. Slavin

  10. Asthma During Pregnancy Michael Schatz

  11. Asthma in the Elderly Anthony Montanaro

  12. Occupational Asthma Emil J. Bardana, Jr.

  13. Drug-Induced Asthma Donald D. Stevenson

  14. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Asthma Demetrios S. Theodoropoulos


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