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 I do not own MKSAP 19

ACP MKSAP: I do not own MKSAP 19

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If you are not already a MKSAP 19 customer, you will receive immediate, free access to MKSAP 19 Complete Green so you can start learning with the best self-assessment curriculum available and continue to keep current in internal medicine and the subspecialties through the launch of ACP MKSAP.

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Back to ACP MKSAP: I do not own MKSAP 19

ACP MKSAP will be released on February 3, 2025, as an all-digital subscription. You can choose between a one-year or three-year subscription. ACP MKSAP’s state-of-the-art platform will offer all subscribers the same premium version of MKSAP, including its highly structured and expert-created educational content and innovative and intuitive online learning features.

Included with your subscription:

  • 16 evidence-based subspecialty content areas covering the core of internal medicine plus the latest updates essential to your practice
  • A robust question bank, with nearly 2,000 unique multiple-choice questions at launch and expanded each year
  • Useful tools mirroring high-stakes testing, including option strikethrough and time-elapsed indicator
  • More than 1,700 adaptive learning digital flashcards
  • NEW! LKA prep custom quiz template option
  • IM-ITE feedback feature to help residents identify learning gaps
  • Personalized Learning Plan with improved dashboard features for better tracking and organization of study goals
  • Board Exam Topic Guide to easily locate high-yield ABIM topics within MKSAP
  • Highlighting for text and questions—in multiple colors
  • More multimedia enhancements to reinforce key concepts and address a variety of learning styles
  • Board Basics—MKSAP’s essential test-prep resource to supplement MKSAP learning
  • MKSAP’s new Confirmation of Relevant Education (CORE) Questions—Unlock additional questions to challenge yourself and earn badges and a certificate to document your learning
  • Earn-as-you-go CME and MOC 

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