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Teaching Clinical Reasoning

Teaching Clinical Reasoning

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Edited by Robert L. Trowbridge, Jr., MD, FACP; Joseph J. Rencic, MD, FACP and Steven J. Durning, MD, PhD, FACP

"Diagnostic reasoning is an essential physician ability and thus one of the most important aspects of medical education and clinical practice, yet it is difficult to teach. By bringing together some of the top medical educators in this field, Teaching Clinical Reasoning provides best practices in teaching diagnostic reasoning to help both teachers and students alike."
--Robert L. Trowbridge, Jr., MD, FACP , Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts and Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine

"Teaching Clinical Reasoning... explores one of clinical medicine's most fascinating questions, which happens also to be a question that is critical for medical education: "What, apart from medical knowledge, is essential for clinical expertise?" Related to that question, of course, and most germane for medical teachers are the questions, "How can teachers 'diagnose' the learner who appears to have adequate knowledge, but who struggles to deploy that knowledge for patient care?" and "How can teachers effectively intervene?" This book explores these questions while providing insight and practical advice for clinical teachers and for program directors charged with introducing the subject of clinical reasoning into the curriculum for students and residents."
--Jack Ende, MD, MACP, Teaching Medicine, series editor, Philadelphia, 2015

Chapter topics include:

  • Clinical Reasoning and Diagnostic Error
  • Theoretical Concepts to Consider in Providing Clinical Reasoning Instruction
  • Developing a Curriculum in Clinical Reasoning
  • Educational Approaches to Common Cognitive Errors
  • General Teaching Techniques
  • Assessment of Clinical Reasoning
  • Faculty Development and Dissemination
  • Lifelong Learning in Clinical Reasoning
  • Remediation of Clinical Reasoning
  • Novel Approaches and Future Directions
  • Teaching Clinical Reasoning: Where do we go from here?

A part of ACP's Teaching Medicine Series, this title is available individually or as a part of the complete seven-book set.

  • 250 pps (estimate), 2015, soft cover
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  • ISBN #9781938921056

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