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Written by: Edward H. "Ted" Parks, MD

Especially written for the primary care practitioner, this comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step approach to the evaluation and management of common bone and musculoskeletal complaints.

Primary Care Orthopedics is authored by Ted Parks, whose practical orthopedics workshops at American College of Physician conferences are well-attended and receive top ratings from primary care providers of every experience level.

Common injuries to the knee, the shoulder, the hip, hand/wrist/elbow, foot/ankle, and the spine are covered in detail. Readers will find a consistent chapter template that presents information logically and facilitates treatment and learning, including physical exam, imaging and other diagnostic studies, and medical, surgical and follow-up treatment.


  • Full-color presentation illustrates musculoskeletal anatomy and procedures in great detail
  • Important chapters on injection techniques, orthopedic emergencies, and fracture management
  • Interesting and instructive “Sidebars” emphasize the “back stories” of the conditions presented, and make it easier to remember the material
  • January 2018, 288 pages, softcover
  • Product #330372000
  • ISBN #9781259642869

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