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Quotable Osler - Deluxe Edition

Quotable Osler - Deluxe Edition

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Mark Silverman MD, MACP; T. Jock Murray MD, MACP; and Charles S. Bryan MD, MACP

Organized by topic and thoroughly indexed, this elegant new leather-bound deluxe edition expands ACP Press' perennial bestseller to include never-before-published photographs, 50 new quotes, and several new essays. The deluxe edition also has a gold-stamped cover, splendid end papers, and a page-marking ribbon.

The Quotable Osler makes a fine gift for a physician, medical student, or graduating resident, and is the ideal resource for those seeking an apt quote or looking to sample Osler's thought-provoking and uplifting messages.

Sir William Osler (1849-1919) is often considered the pre-eminent physician of the 20th century. A humanist who emphasized compassion for the individual, a doctor whose bedside skills and manner were emulated by admirers and students, and an educator whose concepts revolutionized clinical teaching, Osler is regarded by many as the ideal medical practitioner. His eloquent essays and speeches, laced with principles and precepts written in an aphoristic style, have influenced generations of physicians.

Praise for hardback edition of The Quotable Osler: " . . . would be enjoyed by any medical student, nurse, or doctor, and it could inspire anyone whose calling involves tending to human needs, be they teacher, therapist, or counselor." --JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)

"A source of wisdom, common sense and culture." --British Medical Journal

" . . .a charming and even inspiring book, and an important addition to any medical library" --Canadian Medical Association Journal

  • 2008, 317 pages, Leatherbound
  • Product #330371090
  • ISBN #9781934465011

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