The Last Half Hour of the Day: An Anthology of Stories and Essays That Have Inspired Physicians

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Half_Hour_cover Edited by Michael A. LaCombe, MD, MACP and Christine Laine, MD, MPH, FACP

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This unique anthology of short stories and essays sheds light on one of the many topics physicians encounter daily, from the miraculous recovery of a patient to coming to grips with one's own illness. Many of the enclosed prose selections were identified by physician-readers from all over the world.

Diverse in literary style and featuring the works of both well-known and emerging writers, The Last Half Hour of the Day presents writings from Plato to Alice Walker and includes several Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners as well as 7 Nobel Laureates.

This compelling anthology is sure to inspire physicians not only "in the last half hour of the day" but throughout their lifetimes.

Features short stories and essays by:

Jean-Dominique Bauby ~ Raymond Carver ~ Anton Chekhov ~ Marie Curie ~ J. P. Featherstone ~ Mary Gordon ~ Tony Gramaglia ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne ~ Ernest Hemingway ~ Victor Hugo ~ Thomas Jefferson ~ Ursula Le Guin ~Doris Lessing ~ Sinclair Lewis ~ Henook-Makhewe-Kelenaka ~ Thomas More ~ Lorrie Moore ~ Axel Munthe ~ Pablo Neruda ~ Frank O'Connor ~ Susan Onthank Mates ~ William Osler ~ Orhan Pamuk ~ Plato ~ Edgar Allan Poe ~ Reynolds Price ~ Oliver Sacks ~ Richard Selzer ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn ~Lewis Thomas ~ Mark Twain ~ Abraham Verghese ~Alice Walker ~ Marie Sheppard Williams ~ Abigail Zuger

  • 2008, 290 pages, hardcover
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1-934465-09-7

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Table of Contents


Section One: Achievements

  • Slave Doctors . . . Free Doctors: Plato
  • from Utopia: Thomas More
  • from Letter to Dr. Edward Jenner: Thomas Jefferson
  • from The Evolution of Modern Medicine: William Osler
  • from Les Miserables: Victor Hugo
  • from The Story of San Michele: Axel Munthe
  • Last Words: J. P. Featherstone
  • from Arrowsmith: Sinclair Lewis
  • Towards the Splendid City: Pablo Neruda

Section Two: Discoveries

  • Brute: Richard Selzer
  • Laundry: Susan Onthank Mates
  • A Great Man: Frank O'Connor
  • from Life On The Mississippi: Mark Twain
  • Death in the Open: Lewis Thomas
  • A Favorite Charity That Won't Accept Donations: Abigail Zuger
  • from Pierre Curie: Marie Curie
  • A Doctor's Visit: Anton Chekhov
  • A Blight on Society: Marie Sheppard Williams

Section Three: Calamities

  • The Sick Child: Henook-Makhewe-Kelenaka
  • Mrs. Cassidy's Last Year: Mary Gordon
  • People Like That Are the Only People Here: Lorrie Moore
  • A Small, Good Thing: Raymond Carver
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