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MKSAP 19 Complete

**MKSAP 19 Complete is no longer in stock. 

You can purchase MKSAP 19 Complete Green instead, which includes all of the features of Complete, but without the printed books.

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MKSAP 19 Complete is an integrated learning system for a variety of your educational and professional needs. MKSAP 19 Complete offers the full range of resources at the absolute best value!

MKSAP 19 Release Dates: Part A: August 31, 2021 | Part B: January 31, 2022


  • MKSAP 19 Digital components:
    • 12 syllabus sections
    • 1200 associated multiple choice questions
    • Extension Questions (four batches of 50 over 2 years of publication lifecycle)
    • New info Updates (practice-changing info, guidlelines, and important updates to address identified learning gaps)
    • Multimedia (whiteboards, clinical diagnostic video, etc.)
    • Custom Quiz functionality
    • Earn-as-you-go CME submission
    • Enhanced learning dashboard with customizable learning targets and helpful learning links
  • 12 MKSAP print books (syllabus, tables, figures and 1200 MCQs plus indices)
  • Digital flash cards
  • Virtual Dx
  • MKSAP Quick Qs (concise, Board-like questions)
  • Integrated digital version of Board Basics, plus Board Basics in print format

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Product Code: MK19C

Transferring of any MKSAP 19 Program to an individual who has not purchased MKSAP 19 is strictly prohibited. MKSAP 19 is for individual use only; sharing your access will cause suspension of your account. Only one MKSAP 19 program per person is allowed.

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