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Healers & Heroes: Ordinary People

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By Clif Cleaveland, author of Sacred Space

When was the last time you sat down and read a book that made you want to stand up and cheer?

Clif Cleaveland's Healers & Heroes: Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times is a collection of true stories about ordinary men and women who, through courage and fortitue, exemplify what it means to love life.

In these 12 accounts of unshakable devotion to hope, bravery, and love, these ordingary people rise to the rank of hero and prove that while human body can be destroyed, the human spirit cannot be defeated.

The underlying message of Healers & Heroes is that the nobility of spirit captured on these pages is still alive today. The author prods us to look anew at the "ordinary" people who surround us on a daily basis. In them, he tells us, you're likely to find your own healers and heroes who define the very essence of humanity and good.

You're going to love this book.

  • 180 pp., 2004, hardcover
  • Product #330300730
  • ISBN #9781930513549
  • List Price: $25.00
  • Member Price: $21.00
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