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Community-Based Teaching

Community-Based Teaching

A Guide to Developing and Implementing Education Programs for Medical Students and Residents in the Practitioner's Office

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Edited by Susan L. Deutsch, MD, FACP and John Noble, MD, FACP

An increasing number of patients are being treated in office or community settings. Even though internists will likely spend the majority of their time in these settings, most of their training is still in an academic institution or teaching hospital.

This essential guide for educators, practitioners, and students covers the newest and most effective methods for medical training and education. Topics include Teaching in the Office, The Preceptor, The Learner, Curriculum Development, Evaluation and Program Enhancement, Financial Issues, and others. The appendices are noteworthy for including additional resources and organizations that support CBT, examples of legal and educational contracts, evaluation forms, job descriptions, goals and responsibilities, as well as a section on frequently asked questions.

This book provides a concise yet complete guide to program development from startup through evaluation and program evolution. It has been developed for the academician who wishes to implement such a program at his or her school and for the practitioner who would like to have his or her practice participate in office-based teaching.

"A significant contribution to those of us charged with the awesome responsibility of the outpatient education of young physicians."—The Journal of Family Practice

"This is a useful, easily read, concise book on this increasingly important topic in medical education."— Doody Publishing

"Community-Based Teaching should be considered essential for coordinators or teachers within the discipline of internal medicine."— of the Canadian Medical Association

  • 284 pages, 1997, softcover
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  • ISBN #9780943126593
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