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Clif Cleaveland, MD, MACP

At a time when physicians face a rapidly changing practice environment, Dr. Clif Cleaveland reminds us that listening to the patient's stories is still the very essence of medical care.

Dr. Cleaveland has spent a lifetime listening to patients, and in Sacred Space he shares some of their stories, and what he has learned. Sacred Space is a moving, thoughtful, and unforgettable look at what it takes to be a doctor and a patient.

"So well written that the book is difficult to put down, the short vignettes bring the reader from laughter to tears in the space of a few pages."—Mayo Clinic Proceedings

  • 210 pages, 1998, hardcover
  • Product #330300270
  • ISBN #9780943126647
  • List Price: $21.95
  • Member Price: $16.95
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