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Delivery times may be longer than usual due to US postal service suspensions. Please visit USPS link for details on countries impacted.

Board Basics print is no longer available in print format.  The listed price for non-members and members has been reduced accordingly because you will no longer be receiving the printed copy in the bundle.

MKSAP 18 Complete is an integrated learning system for a variety of your professional needs. MKSAP 18 Complete offers the full range of resources at the absolute best value!


  • MKSAP 18 Print
  • MKSAP 18 Digital, including ongoing text updates and bonus questions
  • Board Basics® (e-book)
  • MKSAP 18 Digital Flashcards
  • MKSAP 18 Virtual Dx

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 MKSAP 18 Digital Access End Date

MKSAP 18 Digital access will expire on February 1, 2024. After this date, the MKSAP 18 Digital platform and apps will no longer be available. User question data from MKSAP 18 is not transferrable to MKSAP 19.  

MKSAP 18 CME/MOC Availability and Expiration Dates

MKSAP 18 Part A: 7/31/18 to 12/31/21
MKSAP 18 Part B: 12/31/18 to 12/31/21
Extension Question Set 1: 7/31/19 to 7/31/22
Extension Question Set 2: 1/15/20 to 1/15/23
Extension Question Set 3: 7/31/20 to 7/31/23
Extension Question Set 4: 1/15/21 to 1/15/24

Virtual Dx: 3/29/19 to 3/29/22

Product Code: MK18C

Transfer of any MKSAP 18 Program to an individual who has not purchased MKSAP 18 is strictly prohibited. MKSAP 18 is for individual use only; sharing your access will cause suspension of your account. Only one MKSAP 18 program per person is allowed. Libraries may only purchase MKSAP 18 Print.


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  • Member Price: $649.00
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